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Protection Management Advisory Services

Strategic Risk Management LLC provides corporations, logistic/transportation firms, public entities, warehouses, houses of worship, and not-for-profit organizations with protection management advisory services. For those organizations that are considering the implantation of an in-house security department, Strategic Risk Management LLC can advise on the development of a protection management program. In addition, if your organization has a specific security need we can assist in providing solutions.


Development Focus


  • Security Management Planning

  • Security Personal Planning 

  • Security Budget Planning

  • Security Audits

  • Physical Security Technology Planning and Implementation

  • Physical Security Project Management

  • Crimes Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

  • Executive Security Recruitment

  • Customized Security Protection Management Advisement


Our success results from establishing trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. We adjust to your diverse requirements and provide creative solutions to the organization’s security protection management needs. Furthermore, we offer maximum flexibility, the best technical expertise, competitive pricing, and unrivaled commitment to service. Discover how Strategic Risk Management LLC can create efficient and effective security protection and risk control programs designed for your specific needs by contacting us for a consultation. strategic Risk Management LLC is your organization’s Stability in the Abyss.

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