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Strategic Risk Management LLC was created by Marc Black, a retired New York City Police Department (NYPD) detective. Marc’s NYPD experiences include working in assignments with the Counterterrorism Division, Arson & Explosion Squad, Intelligence Division, and Computer Crimes Squad. They have provided him with backgrounds in security and vulnerability assessments, threat assessments, arson/explosion origin and cause investigations, post blast investigations, and computer intrusion investigations. 


The mission of Strategic Risk Management LLC is to advise corporations, public entities, warehouses, logistic/transportation firms, houses of worship, and not-for-profit executive teams responsible for providing protection management solutions to their organization. Strategic Risk Management LLC is niche in that its focus is evaluating the organizations physical security and crisis management protocols to ensure efficient and effective protection management for severity incidents. In addition, Strategic Risk Management LLC advises entities on how to analyze a risk from a security and vulnerability assessment (SAVA) perspective.  Strategic Risk Management LLC explains how a threat assessment complements the SAVA. A protection management professional that analyzes physical security and crisis management products and services to their clients requires a full understanding of real world applicability. Strategic Risk Management LLC protects organizations from fortuitous losses that can cause serious harm to individuals and property which can have significant adverse effects on the organizations economic viability and life-safety.


A significant benefit of choosing Strategic Risk Management LLC is our wealth of knowledge and experience in the security protection management field. Strategic Risk Management LLC is one piece of a dynamic risk mitigation and security protection management program. This provides the organization’s executives and staff a unique advantage in protecting against fortuitous losses that are severity in nature.



Discover how Strategic Risk Management LLC can create efficient and effective security protection and risk control programs designed for your specific needs. Contact us for a consultation. Strategic Risk Management LLC is your organization’s Stability In The Abyss.

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