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Law Enforcement Training

Strategic Risk Management LLC has a law enforcement training program focused on protecting synagogues and the Jewish Community. The Jewish Protection Training (JPT) program was created by Marc Black, retired detective with twenty years of service with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Marc has extensive experience in conducting security assessments and vulnerability assessments while detailed to the NYPD Counterterrorism Division. While active with the NYPD, Marc became heavily involved in security protection management for synagogues and Jewish institutions.

His other unit assignments with the NYPD included the Arson & Explosion Squad, Computer Crimes Squad, and Intelligence Division which have provided him with a unique perspective in protecting houses of worship and critical infrastructure.


JPT focuses on providing efficient and effective options to assist in assessing threats, vulnerabilities, and security which are deemed necessary by law enforcement departments to detect, deter, deny, and delay attacks on the Jewish community. This training is from the perspective of a law enforcement professional with an investigative and security protection background and not from an academic analysis. 

In addition, Strategic Risk Management LLC offers training to law enforcement on how to conduct a security assessment, vulnerability assessment, and threat assessment. 


Jewish Protection Training (JPT) and assessment training provided by Strategic Risk Management LLC will provide an insight and awareness to law enforcement professionals on how to better protect the Jewish Community and Houses of Worship.  Contact Strategic Risk Management LLC on how we can assist your  law enforcement department. 

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