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Physical Security Assessment

Strategic Risk Management LLC provides physical security assessments, vulnerability assessments, and threat assessment services. The goal of a physical security risk, vulnerability, and threat assessment is to index and categorize all of organizations security assets and vulnerabilities that have a potential to be at risk from a threat. The security assessment and vulnerability assessment provides the following benefits to an organization:


  • Provides a historical and industry standard for the organization with respect to protection management policies, programs, and procedures.


  • Describes in detail the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the current physical security program.


  • Acts as a cost containment tool for senior managers or for those who are responsible for implementing a physical security budget for the organization.


  • Protects the organization from liabilities due to inadequate security policies, programs, and procedures.


  • Provides senior leadership and staff with a clear understanding of the organizations protection management program. 


  • Provides risk mitigation options for management to protect their operations from fortuitous losses due to criminal activities, civil unrest, active assailant, and terrorist acts.


  • Can be used for the Federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) and Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Program (SCAHC Program)(New York State).


Our success results from establishing trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. We adjust to your diverse requirements and provide creative solutions to the organization’s security protection management needs. Furthermore, we offer maximum flexibility, the best technical expertise, competitive pricing and unrivaled commitment to service. Discover how Strategic Risk Management LLC can create efficient and effective security protection and risk control programs designed for your specific needs by contacting us for a consultation. Strategic Risk Management LLC is your organization’s Stability In The Abyss.         

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